10,000 BIP coin airdrop, Just follow us on Twitter

【Event End】

Minter is a blockchain project from Russia, and the mainnet was launched in May 2019.  Minter mainnet token is BIP. Users can use BIP to issue their own tokens on the Minter network. It is extremely simple to issue a token on the Minter network.  The issued tokens will also be freely and conveniently exchanged in other currencies after Minter's cross-chain, such as BTC, ETH, ETC.

Event time: June 22-June 30, 2019

Event content:

1. All users who follow Bit Cat's official Twitter during the event will receive 20BIP token reward:

2, After following Twitter, reply to your BIP address under this twitter:



A total of 10,000 BIPs will be airdrop for activities, and 10,000 (ie, 500 participants) will not be counted.

A valid Twitter user is a user who registered for Twitter on January 1, 2019;

On the first day after the event, Bit Cat will dispense BIP according to the statistics of the event content.

BIP has not yet entered any exchange, and the price of BIP is derived from community voting.


 Get the BIP Wallet: https://www.minter.network/

 BIP price: $0.32 https://coin.minter.network